Quiksilver Signs Californian Rusty Long

Huntington Beach, CA (March 10, 2010) – Quiksilver announced today that it has added veteran surfer Rusty Long to its world-class surf team. This signing comes with great excitement for the brand, adding to the company’s longstanding history of excellence and its legendary roster of athletes.

The 28 year-old Long, a lifelong surfer from San Clemente, Calif., has built a solid reputation over the past decade for his impeccable skill, passion and fearlessness in surfing. He has rightfully earned his status as one of the sport’s preeminent big-wave riders-often times going after the waves of consequence- so the appointment by Quiksilver comes as no surprise.

“I’m beyond thrilled to be involved with Quiksilver and to be able to contribute to this group’s vision,” says Long. “Quiksilver has been a pillar for development in the history of our sport and I’m excited for the opportunities and great times to come!”

Those who have witnessed Long’s prowess over the years know that he is the true embodiment of the sport. He cites his motivation as good waves, constant learning and healthy living; a sentiment shared deeply with Quiksilver.

“We are so proud to be connected to Rusty. He is the epitome of the Quiksilver lifestyle and we are elated to be alongside him on all of his adventures,” said Chad Wells, the team’s manager.

When he isn’t conquering the world’s biggest waves, Long is also an accomplished photographer and published writer.

About Quiksilver
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