Go Big With Red Bull Launchpad

Bring your ideas to life at launchpad.redbullusa.com

Got a cool idea for the surf world? Red Bull wants to bring it to life.

If you’ve ever dreamed of bringing 6-foot waves to a lake, dropping an artificial reef in your backyard to solve that pesky closeout problem, or even harnessing the power of a massive boat to send perfect lines toward shore than you may be just the person to have a go at Red Bull’s new Launchpad contest.

That Red Bull is a fan of big bold ideas is nothing new. But now they want to hear yours, and the bigger- the braver-the better. All you need to do is flip that webcam on, pitch your idea, and load it up at the Launchpad site. If enough people like your pitch Red Bull will help bring it to life. (And if they don’t maybe we will!)

Because this contest is open to everyone it’s important that we flood them with as many surf-related ideas as possible, that’s where you come in. You have an idea for a dream contest? A wild stunt or new adventure? Or maybe a creative invention? Well, it’s time to share it with the world. Just know that if we like it, we’ll do our part to get it noticed. Submit your idea here.