Red Bull Pulls Eastern Canada's Top Surfers for a Full Moon Session

– The Atlantic Ocean will witness the East Coast’s top 12 surfers ride its breaks under a full moon, as their teammate photographers maneuver for the night’s best images –

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – September 22, 2009 – Eastern Canada’s top twelve surfers will gather in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia for an open surf session under a full moon on Saturday, October 3, 2009. Working in teams of four, the athletes and photographers will work to capture shots using the powermoon – a giant helium- filled lightballoon of 2m-diameter and 300-yard-radius – as their only light source, as well as overcome cold weather conditions and two 30-minute sessions time limit. Renowned as a prime destination for local and international surfers, Lawrencetown beach is located on the Eastern Shore and offers surf breaks in the chilly and under-explored maritime region of Nova Scotia.

Once the surf sessions are over, photographers have until next morning to select and submit their best shots in each category: lifestyle, action and creativity. On Sunday, October 4th, guests will vote for their best photos at the Red Bull Moon Sessions exhibit at The Paragon Theatre. The total prize purse of $4,000 will deliver $1,600 to the best action shot, $800 to the most creative photo, $800 to the best lifestyle, and an additional $800 for the best surf session voted by all the surfers.

Among the surfers are Red Bull Ice Break 2004 participants Lance Moore and Nico Manos, Dean Petty, Steve Smith, Janine Strickland, Jenner Cormier, Roman Husiak, Marty King, Neal Durling, JD Paterson, Keegan Day, Justin Huston, while the photographers include Zachary Bush, Aaron Jackson, Yassine Ouhilal, and Scotty Sherin.

Event Schedule:

Saturday, October 3 – Red Bull Moon Sessions
Red Bull Moon Sessions is open to media and is limited to the public.

Location: The exact location will be confirmed 24 hours prior to the event depending on surfing conditions.
Time: 8pm – midnight

Sunday, October 4 – Red Bull Moon Sessions – Atlantic Exposures
The public is invited to vote for their best photos. Doors open at 6pm and entrance fee is $7.00 per person for non-ticket holders.

Venue: The Paragon Theatre (2037 Gottingen, Halifax, NS)
Time: 6pm – 10pm (Votes until 8pm and Awards Ceremony at 9pm)

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