Reflekt Polarized is Here

Background of Reflekt Polarized

Reflekt was created in 2012 by sunglass industry veteran Jason Wildman. In 1998, Jason built the industry's first and only all polarized sport sunglass brand. It was extremely successful and was eventually acquired in 2008. After some time off, Jason wanted to return to the sunglass industry because he truly felt there are some large voids in the market that have not been addressed. In response to these voids, he created Reflekt Polarized and the brand philosophy of Absolute Coverage because he felt people deserve to look great, see better and be 100% comfortable with their sunglass purchase. With this notion in mind, Reflekt Polarized and Absolute Coverage were born.

Absolute Coverage

Reflekt™ Polarized is an original active lifestyle brand built on the notion that all consumers deserve Absolute Coverage™ - the unique blend of technically superior polarized optics with an industry-first Lifetime + Loss™ warranty delivered at reasonable, value-driven price points.

Reflekt sunglasses feature injected, decentered, optically correct polarized lenses in both of our lenses: The Core™ Polarized lens & The Reactor™ Polarized lens. The Reactor lens boasts additional lens coatings and includes Melanin Technology, which raises the bar in sunglass protection and sets us apart. Our lenses have your eyes Absolutely Covered.

With everything that goes into a pair of Reflekt sunglasses, we should be charging a heck of a lot more. But our value-driven pricing is simple and fills a void in the marketplace. Our price points have your wallet Absolutely Covered.

A warranty like ours doesn't exist in the sunglass industry - or any other. We have you covered no matter how your sunglasses break or get lost. Yes, we also cover against Loss. Should you ever lose your prized shades, we've got another pair waiting for you in our warehouse. Our warranty has your peace of mind Absolutely Covered.

Market Focus
Reflekt is focused on the Surf, Outdoor, SUP, Windsports and active lifestyle markets.

Matt Keenan- Surf
Jesse Kautz -SUP
Mark Meidama- Surf Style Kite
Adrianna Harlan- Surf Style Kite