Aengus Cawley
Marketing Manager
Rhythm USA

ERIC DRANGINIS – Unquestionable style whilst surfing his home break.

November 21, 2011

Rhythm USA, Irvine CA. on November 21, 2011 is proud to announce the addition of Eric Dranginis to the Rhythm US Family.

Growing up in a region known for it's long flat spells just as much as it's variety of secret points, it's not a surprise that Eric is an all boards type of guy. Having to make do with whatever comes to his New England doorstep Eric has become proficient at riding sub 6foot shred sleds, as well as placing a log into perfect trim while perched on the nose. It's not uncommon to find Eric having a solo session in perfect waves with the snow still falling after a winter Noreaster' has passed. For some people the extreme seasonality of weather, crowds, and wave types may be a deterrent. For Eric, it's a perfect canvas to display his artistry on shaped foam and fiberglass in pure solitude.

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