Rip Curl Mirage ‘MF1’ – Mick Fanning

There is only 1 Mick Fanning. World Champion. Lightning fast. Performance driven. He demands excellence in the products he wears and no other product gets more use than his boardshort. Introducing the Mirage MF1. The Ultimate Boardshort in comfort. The first boardshort ever to use a revolutionary one piece construction fused together with STL illusion tape, eliminating seems and abrasion points. A single piece of fabric is rolled until it meets ends, fused and taped together, literally creating a “seamless reality” and supreme comfort.

Fanning has personally been involved and hands on with the MF1 project since it’s conception. Getting deep in the creation process from fabric selection to colour choice and design. The result is revolutionary The MF1. A short designed to enhance the surfing experience and provide maximum comfort through every move. Style is something Mick has developed and fine tuned over years in the water and the MF1 is a compliment to that evolution. A slick all black body with hints of pop colour, the MF1 truly connects to its creator. The ghost waistband of the MF1 also pays homage to the seamlessness nature of the short adding to the package. Laminating a laser cut fabric to the outside of the waistband removes chafing and poor fit. The MF1 is Mick’s favourite signature Mirage of all time and he describes it as simply “Hands down the best range Rip Curl has done to date.”