Proceeds Protect the World's Rainforests and Oceans

San Diego, CA (June 7, 2012) – SACRED 7 Rainforests + Oceans International, a non-profit organization that preserves and restores rainforests and oceans, and Brad Gerlach, a professional surfer and legendary big wave rider have collaborated to offer a unique eco-surf expedition to Southern Costa Rica this summer, August 7-13, 2012.

This rare surf expedition, limited to 10 to 12 guests, is designed to raise awareness about the direct effect rainforests have on global warming and the health of our oceans. At the same time, surfers will benefit from Gerlach's "pro-formance" surf coaching and physical conditioning on the beach of the world-class surf break Pavones, Costa Rica.

"Brad is a legend in the global surfing community," said Renee Mullen, president of SACRED 7. "We are proud to have his support as a SACRED 7 guardian. He understands that rainforest protection and restoration will keep oceans healthy. We are very excited that he has agreed to share his love for the environment and legendary surfing style and techniques."

"I became a SACRED 7 guardian to support the organization's goals of protecting the rainforest and oceans," Gerlach said. "Rainforests directly impact the world's oceans and climate, so every human being is affected by the health of our rainforests and oceans. South swells often bring epic surf to Costa Rica, so there isn't a better time or place to train and promote environmental wellness."

The break at Pavones is capable of giving surfers some of longest rides in the world. The wave is a high performance left hand point break, and with the right swell, a single wave can be ridden for three quarters of a mile or more. Pavones is a dream destination for surfers of all skill levels.

"Brad's teaching methods are inspiring and dynamic. Combine this with the majesty of Costa Rica's Southern Zone rainforest and black sand beaches, this trip will be an experience never to be forgotten," Mullen added.

The inaugural SACRED 7 Eco-Surf Expedition is much more than a surf trip. Participants will have the opportunity to hike deep into a pristine tropical rainforest and explore its incredible biodiversity. The group will also participate in restoring the rainforest by planting native hardwood trees that sequester carbon and combat global warming. Other activities include joining local Costa Rican children and their families for a beach clean-up near Pavones, and a visit to the port town of Golfito.

The eco-surf expedition is open to anyone who shares a passion for the environment and surfing. For more information or to reserve a spot on this once-in-a lifetime trip, contact SACRED 7's Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Jim Mullen, at 760-271-7288.

About SACRED 7
SACRED 7 exists to protect and preserve our planet's tropical rainforests and oceans, contribute to global biomedical research, and make a positive impact through the creation of social, educational and sustainable programs. The name was chosen because the organization is working to restore the rainforest one percent at time, first bringing the remaining 6 percent of the earth's rainforest to 7 percent – SACRED 7. In addition, SACRED 7 vows to protect the 7 sacred seas of the world from further depletion and global climate change. SACRED 7 was established in 2005 and accredited as a non-profit foundation by the Costa Rican Government in 2008. Sacred 7 is also incorporated in the State of California and is applying for its 501(c)3 status. For more information visit

About Brad Gerlach
Best known for big wave riding, style and personality, Brad Gerlach is a legend in the surf industry. He travels around the world exploring cultures, enjoying life and searching for perfect waves. Today, Gerlach shares his passion and love for surfing with others through one-on-one or group training sessions. Specializing in surfing technique, strengthening and style, Gerlach has helped hundreds of surfers elevate their abilities to engage in competitive or recreational surfing. His years of experience come to life as he explains surfing's biomechanics, surf-specific exercises and surf visualization techniques. For more information visit