Saturdays is an innovative concept store which brings Surf to NYC. We all live in NYC and
work closely within the fashion industry. From PR, marketing, sales, design and advertising, our goal is to utilize our expertisaturdays-2e, embrace it, and combine this with a passion for Surfing.
Saturdays is not only providing quality, unique equipment, but a lifestyle and brand within itself.
Also hosting planned events with photographers and artists, we’ll be setting ourselves outside the box… to expect the unexpected. We offer a modern Manhattan angle on a sport that currently has no outlet in this city. We are not just another surf shop. Anyone who’s interested can come in and buy something, you don’t necessarily need to surf. In other words, we want to provide the combination of a sophisticated surfing lifestyle and look – from head to toe.

Our downtown neighborhood embraces a real sense of community. By offering local coffee
brews, we hope to encourage neighboring business and give people not only a great cup of
caffeine, but a welcoming alternative to the usual New York City coffee shop.

– Saturdays planned opening will take place August 29th 2009.