Photo: Ragatz

Photo: Ragatz

March 6, 2010, Pichilemu/Curanipe, Chile – Save The Waves Coalition’s Chile relief ground teams have begun to distribute initial relief supplies to towns and villages that were hardest hit by the recent 8.8-magnitued earthquake and following tsunami. Teams have been traveling south from Pichilemu through the remote coastal areas and inland, reaching as far south as Duao in the northern part of Region VII, and supplying aid in small hard to reach towns along the way.

Save The Waves surf ambassador Ramon Navarro is leading the way in these efforts, and with his local knowledge of the region has already helped to supply initial water filters to provide clean drinking water, a crucial necessity right now, to those in need. Volunteers have also helped to clean up a school in Boyeruca that has suffered major damage. While more supplies arrive, water filters will continue to be dispersed over the coming days to help the many displaced families that are still without clean drinking water. Professional surfers Greg Long and Kohl Cristensen also arrived in Chile on Saturday with major supplies, including more water filters, and met up to support Navarro and others out of Pichilemu.

Further south, in the coastal town of Curanipe, which sits just 5km from the quake epicenter, Save The Waves’ Josh Berry arrived Saturday with a team of medics and truckloads of relief supplies, to distribute in the region. Berry and team also rendezvoused with Save The Waves’ local Coastkeeper program manager and Curanipe resident, Rodrigo de la O, who is directing a large portion of the relief efforts in the area.

Save The Waves has been working with nonprofit Waves for Water to supply water filters for clean drinking water to devastated communities where homes, restaurants, and entire fishing fleets have been completely destroyed. There are currently 1,000 filters now either in or en route to Chile, for distribution to coastal regions, in addition to other supplies. While initial relief effort progress has been significant, much more support and assistance will be necessary in the coming weeks as Chile continues to recover from this massive disaster.


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