The members of MSA invite you to join us in celebrating Malibu surfer Kyle MacLennan at the premiere of his new movie, Scattered Archives. Shot with top surfers on location in Baja, Califiornia, Hawaii, mainland Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.
a surfing film by Kyle MacLennan
presented by the Malibu Surfing Association
. Tuesday, March 9th at 7pm
. Duke’s Malibu
. 21150 PCH
. precedes the MSA March club meeting
. free / all ages
. limited edition DVDs available following the movie
. please join us at 6pm for Taco Tuesday at Duke’s
From a culmination of over 8 years and 200 hours of raw footage, comes Scattered Archives. The total running time was siphoned down to an hour!
After spending a year and half editing the never-ending footage of everything included, from old school clips of young Robbie Kegel, Tyler Warren, Zander Hartman, Sean Tully, and Chris Vail, logging up and down the coast of California; to an epic surf trip from California driving the entire coastline of Central America and crossing over to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica w/ myself, Captain Kirk, and Ryan Ameche, just gets you started into the film!

From there we have a short minute of Joel Tudor styling out some insane noserides! Chillin’ with Malibu Carl and the boys, you’ll be entertained by all the drama that goes on down at the BU! After that we get a look into Malibu patriot Dylan Jones and taking him away from his home break and seeing him charging from Blacks down to Puerto Escondido on all sorts of wave riding shred sleds! A look into California Central Coast w/ the likes of Dan Malloy, Nick Rozsa, and Joe Curren, a secret Mainland Mexico rendezvous, and slow styled out noserides to the music of Ashley Lloyd, and wrapping the film up with big wave chargers Jamie Sterling, Rusty Long, Derek Dunfee, among others getting barrels the size of semi trucks!

. Scattered Archives — official trailer (Vimeo)
. event page — on Facebook
. Malibu Surfing Association — official website
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