San Diego, CA – Sector 9 Skateboard Co., preeminent global provider of skateboards, today announced its new industry-leading twenty-five- year product warranty on all skate decks. The announcement coincides with the brand celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2018.

"As a group, we've been brainstorming for months on ways to celebrate our Silver Anniversary in 2018", said Bob Tanner, Sector 9's Director of Global Marketing. "One of the great ideas that came back to us was to extend the warranty on our decks to twenty-five years – '25 for 25', if you will."

"The more we discussed it, the more we realized it was a perfect way to not only stand behind the premium quality of our product, but also a way to thank all the skaters who have stood behind the 9-Ball since 1993. We have a few more things up our sleeve, for the remainder of the year, but thought a new warranty was a great way to kick off the year-long celebration", concluded Tanner.

Sector 9 skateboard decks purchased in 2018 and beyond will now be warranted against defects in materials, workmanship, or glue for a period of twenty-five years from the date of purchase.

Complete details of the warranty are available at

About Sector 9 Skateboard Co.:

Sector 9's journey began in La Jolla, CA, in 1993, where our backyard craftsmanship flourished with the desire to skate with more style and to explore the surfing roots skateboarding once used as it's foundation.

Since that time, we've continued to make skateboarding fun by staying committed to creating a wide range of highly functional and innovative products. Over the last twenty- five years, we've become globally known for making high-quality, premium skateboards for the widest range of consumers.