Shaping Competition Opens To All Craftsmen

Random drawing selects two shapers to compete in Ben Aipa tribute

Random drawing selects two shapers to compete in Ben Aipa tribute; early bird booth space – sign up now to save.


Attention surfboard aficionados: in the Spring of 2014 THE BOARDROOM honors Hawaiian shaper Ben Aipa in the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks.

For the first time ever two of the six shaping spots in the competition will be chosen via a random draw, opening up the competition to shapers from around the world. Three of the remaining spots go to shapers of Ben Aipa’s choice (tbd). One spot is reserved for the defending champion (Matt Calvani of BING Surfboards).

“We’re excited about the new format. There are a lot of great shapers out there. It just makes sense to open it up to all of them,” said Scott Bass, THE BOARDROOM event director. “The response (to the new format) has been tremendous. Heck, it’s free to enter, any shaper can enter and there’s a thousand dollars on the line. More importantly, it’s a chance to honor and to pay tribute to one of the all-time greats — Mr. Ben Aipa.”

“It’s such a privilege being the first Hawaiian honored at the Boardroom
Show,” said Ben Aipa. “The Aipa label has a lot of history in the San Diego area and it’s gonna be unreal watching these guys shape a classic Sting. Hey
guys, don’t wing it, STING it!”

* Early bird booth space is still available for all exhibitors through March 1. After March 1st prices go back to normal, so sign up now and save lots of money! A floor plan, a booth form and exhibitor information is available by clicking here. First come, first served and booths are filling up fast.

Two days of surf culture including the world’s most contemporary surfboards, designs, technological innovations, fins, wetsuits, board bags, leashes, cameras, GoPro accessories, techy gadgets, board shorts and surf gear; plus live shaping & laminating, exhibits, demos, art, movies, music and good times. The dates for the THE BOARDROOM are May 17 & 18, 2014 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in the Wyland exhibit hall.


2007 honoree – Mike Diffenderfer / Ricky Carroll
2008 honoree – Bill Caster / Ricky Carroll
2009 honoree – John Bradbury / Marc Andreini
2009 honoree – Dick Brewer / Pat Rawson
2010 honoree – Renny Yater / Wayne Rich
2010 honoree – Simon Anderson / Matt Biolos
2011 honoree – Doug Haut / Ward Coffey
2011 honoree – Carl Ekstrom / Wayne Rich
2012 honoree – Mark Richards / Ricky Carroll
2013 honoree – Rich Price / Stu Kenson
2013 honoree – Terry Martin / Matt Calvani
2014 honoree – Ben Aipa /

The Boardroom would like to thank all of the shapers that have participated. They do so out of respect for the honoree and the craft of surfboard shaping – a sacred craft. A craft passed down through the generations, beginning in Polynesia and carrying on here today, as the spirit and culture of surfboard building, design and manufacture thrives.



The history of our lifestyle is the history of the surfboard. Nothing has defined the surfing experience more than that on which we ride the waves. Nothing defines the surfer more than his (or her) surfboard. So much more than a tool, the surfboard has become a philosophical icon, a sacred craft, a culturally pervasive symbol of freedom, adventure and enduring youth.

THE BOARDROOM is an opportunity for the entire surf industry to come together under one roof and share their boards, their products and their authentic passion with other surfers.

WHO: Surfers from all over


WHEN: May 17 & 18, 2014

WHERE: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Wyland Exhibit Hall

WHY: Because surfers really only care about two things: 1) waves and 2) the equipment to ride them.

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