Vancouver, BC, Canada – SITKA Surfboard Corporation is pleased to announce the opening of a new Vancouver Flagship store. The new store will be located at 1864 West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano West 4th in Kitsilano – the epicentre of surf, skate and snow retail in Vancouver.

The store will be the second flagship store wholly owned and operated by SITKA and will be a perfect addition to the company’s growing network of concept shops and flagship stores. In April of 2008, SITKA announced a large build-out with Second Wave in Vancouver that saw half of Second Wave’s space become a SITKA concept store carrying a complete selection of current SITKA soft goods and surfboards.

“We are confident that an additional Flagship Store will work as an excellent marketing tool for our current retailers,” says Rene Gauthier, co-owner of the SITKA. “It will showcase the brand in the way it’s meant to be showcased – further spreading the SITKA ideals and brand essence. We have already seen this happen on Vancouver Island with our first flagship store where demand for SITKA soft goods has been steadily growing as the SITKA vibe spreads.”

Fred from Lucid Clothing in Nanaimo, has noted, “The presence of the SITKA flagship store in Victoria has been instrumental in creating demand for SITKA products in Nanaimo. SITKA is now one of my most sought after brands – only several years after picking up the line.”

The store will be created with all of the values that SITKA lives by. Built right into the design will be a 'living wall’ storefront in addition to the sustainable building materials used to create the racking and displays systems. There will also be spots for showcasing local artist’s works as well as a community message board for upcoming cultural events that would interest our customers.

The company plans to open the new retail location in December of 2009. With an increased brand presence in Vancouver, the company is confident that it’s current retailers will see increased demand for SITKA products across Canada. SITKA sees this as a great opportunity for SITKA retailers to benefit from increased SITKA brand awareness and, in turn, increased bottom-line sales at the retail level.

About SITKA Surfboard Corp.
SITKA was born from the west coast of Canada where the mighty Sitka Spruce calls home. Like the Sitka Spruce gravitates to the ocean and flourishes, so too does the SITKA Brand. We are a brand of like-minded individuals that are inspired by the ocean and its surrounding environment. SITKA collaborates with artists, surfers, skaters and all those that share the same passions to produce an active lifestyle brand that is true to our “roots”. The majority of our garments use organic cottons and a selection are produced using bamboo as sustainability and fair-practice are two of the cornerstones of our business beliefs.