SPY ISD Photos

SPY celebrated the annual surfing holiday by throwin’ together a shaka-filled morning of goofin’ off and doing the stuff you love: ride waves; clean the beach; eat a delicious free breakfast; demo surfboards; recycle foam; toss some horseshoes and win free stuff, including a new stick from Rusty Surfboards.

Rusty Surfboard Winner: Mike Brownson
Beach House concert tickets: Zack Kielich
Florence and the Machine concert tickets: Priscilla Acouta
SPY Prize pack: Don Sheridan who picked up 14.6 pounds of trash
SPY Prize pack: Ros Martin who picked up 13.9 pounds of trash
SPY Prize pack: Thomas Cabrera who picked up 12.9 pounds of trash

-115+ people showed up to clean the beach between 8 am and 10 am
-190.64 pounds of trash picked up

Photo: SPy