Spy MIxes in Shades of Gray

For Immediate Release: Jan 24, 2012

CARLSBAD, Calif.--SPY® today announced a multi-year sponsorship deal with Alex Gray, professional surfer, 2011 Surfer Poll "Best Barrel" winner and all-around hellman.

"Alex is a super well-rounded waterman with balls of steel," says Devon Howard, SPY marketing director. "He's among our most diverse surfers, talent-wise. On the beach, his personality is all about fun and irreverence--just like our brand."

This past year was a particularly eventful one for Alex, nabbing some of the heaviest waves during Tavarua’s and Teahupoo's historic "Code Red" swells, earning him an array of accolades, including a nomination for Billabong's XXL award. More recently, he was part of the paddle-in crew that took on massive Jaws--a remote wave on Maui with so much size and velocity that most surfers only tow into it.

Rounding-off his renowned thirst and aptitude for heaving, treacherous surf, the 25-year-old also holds his own when it comes to laying it on rail and punting airs. Alex joins the current elite SPY surf roster that includes John John Florence, Wade Goodall, Parker Coffin and Nate Tyler.

Between boat trips and deep pits, Alex will be keeping fans up to date on his website, www.turkeymelt.com, a catchall for the So Cal/South Bay native's wild rides in and out of the water.

"SPY is a fun brand that has deep roots in surfing and makes great product," says Gray. "The CEO of the company is a fellow native Palos Verdes surfer, which is rad. I'm stoked to be on board with such a solid team and I'm looking forward to pulling some ladies in my new SPY glasses."

To see Alex at work, check out www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpBBs9CIA58. For more information about SPY, log-on at www.spyoptic.com and www.facebook.com/spyoptic.

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