Sterling Spencer Signs with Firewire

Our relationship with Sterling Spencer has solidified over the course of the previous two years and Firewire is pleased to announce a multiple year deal with the Florida native.

"Sterling's industry presence has only matured in the time we have been working together" said Marketing Director Chuy Reyna. "Beyond the elite surfing talents that he brings to the table, Spencer also enhances our web-based image and appeals to our community by approaching the sport of surfing in a light hearted and humorous

"It is really important for us to continue to foster relationships with influential surfers and Sterling brings a unique and valuable skill set to the Firewire family," said Reyna. He joins the growing Firewire team which includes WCT top 10 surfers Taj Burrow and Michel Bourez, as well as a host of talented regional surfers
around the world.

Sterling currently travels the world surfing while gathering photo and video material for use on his personal blog "He has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to generating original media and we are ecstatic that he will be doing it on Firewire for years to come."

"Firewire believes that refinements to the shape of today’s modern surfboard can only produce incremental performance benefits. Exponential improvements in performance can only be achieved through new materials and construction methods which in turn will open up new design opportunities”

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