Surf Park Summit

A conference about the future of surfing

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On September 13th, Surf Park Summit will bring together the industries top academics, researchers, investors, developers, suppliers, surfers and industry representatives to do one thing and one thing only...Accelerate The Future of Sustainable Surf.

As we see it, the mission is clear: build authentic, sustainable and profitable surfing experiences to grow the surf industry and provide the mental, physical and emotional stoke of surfing outside the ocean. To do this, we are gathering the industries top minds to discuss the opportunities and challenges related to sustainable development of man-made surf parks.

Over the last 10 years, surfing has proven to be one of the fastest growing sports despite geographical limitations and access to quality wave conditions. Surf Parks create profitable opportunities to overcome current obstacles and grow the sport of surfing globally.

Recent advancements in wave generation technology and energy consumption produce attractive returns for investors while Surf Parks create amazing visual and experiential attractions for visitors and complementary businesses.

Surf Parks Will Disrupt the Industry

The true value of Surf Parks extends far beyond the monetary benefits. Surf Parks create the opportunity for international and olympic competitive surfing to emerge through fair and technical standards of judging. The predictable nature of Surf Parks also makes surfing better suited for syndicated television as it can be scheduled and easily broadcasted to the masses. As a result, the action sports retail industry will experience exponential growth and the sport of surfing will continue to thrive.

Conference Topics

--The State of Wave Technology and Man-Made Wave Enhancement
--Surf Park Business Models (e.g. training, learning, private club, theme park)
--Investment, Development, Management of Surf Parks
--The Economics of Surfbreaks, Surf Tourism and Surf Parks
--Development of Surf Culture in Non-Coastal Regions
--Surf Parks and the Impact on the Surf Industry
--Surf Park Regulation, Ethics, and Governance
--Consumer Trends Driving Sustainability in Surfing and Surf Tourism
--Advances in Sustainable Technologies
--Sustainable Surf Tourism Hospitality and Operations

Friday, September 13, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (PDT)
Laguna Beach, CA

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