Surfboard Carbon Calculator Goes International

Calculate and carbon offset your surfboards by using the Surfboard Carbon Calculator

Decarbonated Sports launched the Surfboard Carbon CalculatorTM in August in the UK, but know we have added several great features for the international market;

Currency Selection - find the cost in your local currency, no more money conversions Metric and Imperial weights - the amount of CO2 is now also shown in Pounds and Ounces International Postage rates - select the a specific postage cost for your destination

Annually 750,000 surfboards are made a year with a total carbon footprint of around 220,000 metric tons or 485 million lbs of CO2. Decarbonated feel it's our duty as surfers to reduce this, it usually costs between 1-2% of the retail value of a surfboard to carbon offset it, e.g. £4.50 ($7.00 or €5.00) to carbon offset a 6ft PU Shortboard. They say a problem shared is a problem halved, how about a problem 1/750,000th?

There are two Calculators; the Simple version with limited variables for those who have little knowledge of their equipment and the Full calculator with over 190 variables to give a more accurate calculation and can be used to compare surfboards before purchasing them to see which is more environmentally friendly. The calculators have been written using the latest carbon footprinting standards to make it as accurate as possible. You can even use it to decide on your next surfboard comparing their carbon footprint before purchase.

The website has loads of great information about how surfing creates greenhouse gases and Surfer's need to step up and manage their impact, and how to help reduce surfing's carbon footprint. We have added to our Ambassadors team with Evie Johnstone, a Costa Rican based English surfer. We are looking for more ambassadors so if you're doing something you love at a high level and you care about the environment get in touch via the website! Skiers, Skaters, Surfers or Artists.

Carbon offsetting is an amazing way of making already made surfboards green, and can make our sport sustainable. We sell carbon credits of a high standard by helping projects such as building renewable power plants, aiding the people of third world counties with energy efficient stoves and simply by planting trees and re-forestation.

A Stick without the Sh*t
Decarbonated Sports is a resource for extreme sports enthusiasts to find green news, events and reviews (products, companies and organisations etc.) to highlight the high performance sustainable solutions that are out there to make our lives more environmentally friendly. If you have something you want reviewing drop us a line.

Decarbonated is an extreme sport based environmental consultancy company based in the UK. Ran by two directors; Rick who is a Surf Science Graduate, Associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and Rick is at the forefront in the academic field of low carbon surfing. Matt has an MSc in Environmental Management and is an IEMA Associate and a Registered Associate Environmental Auditor. Decarbonated are offering expertise and services to Surfboard shapers and equipment producers to make their product more sustainable or even Carbon Neutral.

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The company was launched in April 2011, by two brothers Matt and Rick Lomax, a Surf Science graduate and an Environmental Consultant;

Rick Lomax;

BSc Hons Surf Science & Technology and Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment Associate member.

Rick has been surfing for over 6 years, predominantly longboarding, through his degree he started looking into the Life Cycle Analysis of surfboards, which was converted into the Decarbonated Surfboard Carbon Calculator. Rick has been invited to several conferences including the InCrops; Bio-Sports conference and Regional Studies Association SW Annual conference where he presented his knowledge on natural material based surfboards and carbon assessment.

Matt Lomax;

BA Hons Business and Management, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment Associate member and Registered Associate Environmental Auditor, Member level of Chartered Management Institute, currently attaining MSc Environmental Management.

Matt is a specialist Environmental and Business Management consultant and has dealt with many aspects within Environmental Management Systems and Carbon Management. Matt has worked with many clients in a wide range of sectors. He has been published in several journal and conference papers, including the 100th issue of the IEMA 'Environmentalist' journal.