Surfers Playing Music for Surfers on Rhythm Music Stage

Encinitas, Ca., March 3, 2010 — A stellar lineup of shapers, fin experts, and surfers are set to perform at the Sacred Craft Consumer Surf Expo on the Rhythm music stage in Ventura on April 10 & 11. Included in the gathering are Twinzer acolyte and shaper Will Jobson, Future Fins ambassador Boo Stubbs, shaper Ashley Lloyd, San Diego county surfer Kevin White, and Ventura surfer Seth Pettersen who jams with the Undertow. Headlining the show is Rhythm sponsored Roman Alexander and the Robbbery whose unique fusion of blues, funk, and soul will raptify you, that’s right — raptify.

The Ashley Lloyd Situation
Ashley Lloyd & Friends

“While the thrust and the theme of Sacred Craft is always, and will always be, the surfboard as craft, we recognize music as an artistic outlet for many surfers,” said expo director Scott Bass. “There is a strong connection between surfing and music that cannot be ignored. Waves are waves. We like to perform on waves and within waves, and in the case of music these talented surfers are creating waves. These guys live and breath surfing, so it makes sense for us to include their music as part of our surfboard festival.”

“The Sacred Craft Music stage is a perfect place for Rhythm. Surfboards and music are in Rhythm’s DNA,” said Rhythm’s Rod Tomlinson. “We are super stoked to present Roman Alexander and the Robbery, these guys will get you in Rhythm.”

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RHYTHM Music Stage schedule:

10:30am – Boo Stubbs
12:15pm – Kevin White
2pm – Seth Pettersen & the Undertow
4pm – Roman Alexander and the Robbery

11am – Will Jobson & Friends
1pm – The Ashley Lloyd & Friends

WHO: Surfers / Shapers / Manufacturers / Artists /
HONORING: Renny Yater – The Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks
WHAT: Hundreds of Top Shelf Cutting Edge Performance Surfboards
WHEN: April 10 & 11 Saturday 10am – 6pm; Sunday 10am – 4pm
WHERE: Ventura County Fairgrounds @ C-Street
WHY: Boiled down, surfers really love two things 1) waves 2) the equipment to ride them with.
HOW: $10 at the door gets you in! 12 & under FREE! Paid attendees receive a one year subscription to TransWorld SURF and in a giveaway for a 7 days, 6 nights at Joyo’s G-land Surf Camp.

YOUTUBE SACRED CRAFT CHANNEL VIDEO CLIPS Sacred Craft Channel – #1 Sacred Craft Channel – #2

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RHYTHM is an Australian brand from Burleigh Heads offering retailers and their customers a fresh, design driven alternative. The brand brings together a unique group of talented designers, musicians, artists and surfers and boardsports athletes with a shared dream of creating a livelihood doing what they love. The brand has created a sensation in Australia with it’s fun, art based designs, quality craftmanship and creative marketing. RHYTHM speaks to the art of self expression for those who yearn for new frontiers over the well worn path.

The Rhythm Rhyders Kieren Perrow current ASP/WCT “Top 16”, hell raising big wave charger Ryan “Hippo” Hipwood, longboard maestro Harrison Roach and adventurist Asher Pacey are spreading the Rhythm word in global waters.

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In the beginning, it was all about the surfboard. The only thing that mattered. From ancient Polynesia to the ASP World Championship Tour; from Waikiki to Maverick’s; from The Endless Summer to Surfline; as the eras passed what we’ve worn or said or listened to or traveled to or read or watched are just sidebars on surfing’s timeline. Because the history of our sport is the history of the surfboard. Nothing has defined the surfing experience more than that on which we ride the waves. Nothing defines the surfer more than his (or her) surfboard. So much more than a tool, the surfboard has become a philosophical icon, a sacred craft, a culturally pervasive symbol of freedom, adventure and enduring youth.