Surfers speak: traditional rash guards and lubricants do not prevent board rash. They prefer a natural skincare alternative with that keeps them in the water longer

Surfers are tired of ineffective and unhealthy solutions that do not prevent board rash. Recent interview results from Locean Labs LLC illuminate that the surf industry's solution for preventing board rash, protective clothing along with chemical based lubricants, often do not mitigate board rash and are unhealthy for the skin. According Locean Labs founder Chris Akin, amateur and pro surfers from around the world still incur board rash and express a desire for a preventative natural skincare product, one that also allow surfers to extend their time in the water and frequency for surfing.

As the modern surf industry focused on surf board advancements in the last forty years, the development of healthy and effective skincare products has not kept pace with surfer desires. The solutions offered in the last four decades focuses on wearing additional clothing or applying chemical based lubricants to the skin.

"I am constantly surprised by the number of surfers who get board rash and are not satisfied with the preventative solutions to date. Surfing is a lifestyle and passion sport; most surfers' ideal is to surf in the purest form: you, the board, a swimsuit, and a wave. We sought out dozens of surfers' feedback to formulate Naked Surf: a natural cream that prevents board rash, is healthy for the skin, and provides an option to hit the water free of additional gear and clothing."

“Naked Surf works great as a natural way to prevent rash and I love the design.” – Amaro Matos, ASP Tour Professional Surfer

“Used Naked Surf during the Molokai to Oahu race (32 miles) and it worked unreal, no armpit rash, no nipple rash, that’s usually the issue in that race” — Chris Owens, World Long Distance Paddleboarder

“‘Naked Surf is epic. I put it on an existing rash and felt perfect when I went surfing. It’s a great product” – Mitch Surman, ASP Tour Professional Surfer

“Toughing out board rash used to be the only option for lifeguards, but now that I’ve tried naked surf I am stoked to say this stuff really works; and I don’t have to worry about slipping off the rescue board when performing a water rescue.” -Kaleo Mauricio, Lifeguard & Waterman

Locean Labs was founded in 2010 to develop innovative and effective skin care products specifically for surfers & ocean athletes. The company is committed to making products with natural ingredients. Locean Labs products are developed by surfers for surfers & ocean athletes.

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