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The house exchange concept explodes. Brought up from the love of traveling differently and with less expense, this concept offers a simple solution and safe to all (insurers encourage this concept to make sure no house be left empty!). Two surfers from the Southwest have adapted this concept to surfers expectations. Swap and surf uses internet technologies to help the purest surf trip spirit to live stronger.

Already more than 450 members in 45 countries. The only common link between Linda from California, Greg from the Australian Gold Coast, Bryan from Alaska, Pablo from Uruguay, Lucas the Brazilian, George from Taiwan is that they are all surfers and share the same desire to travel, to live strong moments filled with waves and surfboards, but mostly new relations built while discovering someone else's lifestyle. This is why S&s enables the exchange between both lifestyles and households. Everything was brought up for surfers, and the choices you make will appear on your profile (type of exchanges, type of surfer, walk and car distances from the local surf spots, local surfer networks, etc.)

The platform that is offering S&s responds to the different expectations of the surfer community. For example, Surf culture builders are able to use Swap and surf as a powerful tool to expand their own business. Particular networks were created for 8 categories (photographers, shapers, pro surfers, artists, etc). Imagine a photographer from California having signed a contract to take pictures in France. With the ability to contact a french photographer that lives where he wants to take his pictures can make his task quite easier and much more rewarding. By lowering expenses, a pro surfer could easily participate in more competitions, thanks to his own built network filled with other surfers he might know. The possibilities are endless…

To make this project a hit, that has been getting the best of welcomes in the heart of the surf community, swap and surf offers 5 years to up to the 2000th member of Swapand surf.

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