Team Hawaii Readies for ISA Maters Event

(Sunset Beach, Hawaii) Monday, October 10 - Team Hawaii is pleased to announce that they will be fielding a masters squad for the 2011 ISA Masters Surf Contest in El Salvador.

With a very impressive team consisting of some of Hawaii's most esteemed and accomplished surfers, the Hawaii Masters Surf Team is eagerly anticipating the start of the games in El Salvador in mid October.

"We're really stoked to represent Hawaii to the world at the games in El Salvador. I think we're wielding a really solid team and I'm very excited for the games," says Mike Latronic. "Although we're there to do our best and hopefully win, we're keeping the theme of the past ISA teams alive by putting the most emphasis on sharing aloha."

The current roster for Team Hawaii is as follows:

Rochelle Ballard

Ross Williams

Mike Latronic

Davey Boy Gonsalves

Rueben Balmores

Steve Klein

Guy Chang

Regarded as the Olympics of the surfing, the ISA Masters Games will see more than 150 surfers from 15 different countries vying for the podium at El Salvador come the start of the games on October 16. To boot, this year's venue at La Libertad is sure to see some amazing surfing as the competitors tear into one of the world's most admired right-hand pointbreaks. For more information, please visit To watch the live webcast, click here. Photos and team bios will be available upon request.