Team Honolulu Wins 2014 Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out

The 2014 Red Bull Qiantang Shoot Out Finals Go off on the Largest Wave in the Event’s History

Jamie Sterling and Jamie O'Brien (center) took home top honors.

Jamie Sterling and Jamie O’Brien (center) took home top honors.

Team Honolulu of Jamie O'Brien and Jamie Sterling took home the $10,000.00 team first prize in the largest "river bore" wave in the Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out history with wave sections reaching ten feet.

Honolulu Hawaii's O'Brien dominated the finals with a high scoring ride of 9.5 that equaled the wave of Phil "Macca" MacDonald from earlier in the Qualifying Days of the competition that earned them the Red Bull "Wave of the Shootout" award.

The finals had pitted Team Honolulu of Jamie O'Brien and Jamie Sterling against Team Gold Coast of Dean Morrison and Mikala Jones.

The other teams of Team Hangzhou of Phil "Macca" MacDonald and Toumei and Team Huntington Beach of Ryan Turner and Tosh Townend finished third and fourth respectively.

1st Team Honolulu/Jamie O'Brien and Jamie Sterling, $10,000.00
2nd Team Gold Coast/Dean Morrison and Mikala Jones, $8,000.00
3rd Team Hangzhou/Toumei and Phil MacDonald, $5,000.00
4th Team Huntington Beach/Ryan Turner and Tosh Townend, $2,000.00

The Red Bull "Wave of the Shootout"/Phil MacDonald, $500.00, Jamie O'Brien, $500.00

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Peter "PT" Townend

The winners address the crowd.

The winners address the crowd.

More about the contest
The Red Bull Qiantang Shootout is the first of its kind surf contest that pits teams of surfers against each other for a $28,000 purse, on the most unusual wave in the world. It presents numerous challenges as the Qiantang wave is unusual in its size (recorded at 9m), its variety of workable faces and its path through the middle of the city of Hangzhou." It is a unique venue that brings with it Chinese mainstream media that wouldn't normally cover surfing or for that matter any "Action Sports".

More on Peter Townend
The first World Champion of Professional Surfing(1976). Has held numerous industry positions in a thirty year career in action sports, including a ten year term as Advertising Director/Associate Publisher of Surfing, Bodyboarding and Volleyball magazines, eight years as the Marketing Director of Rusty and as Publisher of Primedia’s Surfing Group and Marketing and Events Director for the Primedia Action Sports Group(ASG) division in the early 2000's. In 2003 he launched The ActivEmpire(ATE) a multi-service, strategic consultancy company specializing in the surf/action sports community.

Has also served as President of the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association(SIMA ’88-89) and served as President of Surfing America(’97-04) which he founded, the SIMA funded non-profit organization that is the National Governing Body(NGB) as recognized by the International Surfing Association(ISA).

Townend currently serves on the Surfing Walk of Fame(SWOF) Board of Directors, the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum(HBISM) Board of Directors as Co-Chairman, The Huntington Beach Visitors Bureau(VHB) Board of Directors, the USA SkateBoarding Board of Directors and also serves on SIMA's Senior Advisory Board and San Diego Sports Innovators(SDSI) Advisory Board.

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Wabsono International has become a leader in the development of Action Sports participation and lifestyle in China. Wabsono currently specializes in Licensing, Marketing, Manufacturing and Distribution of the lifestyle and related products of Skateboarding, Surfing and Wintersports. Having a strong position in the industry, Wabsono is capable of spending the necessary time and effort to build brands while building the lifestyle in China. Wabsono owns and operates the Red Bull Qiantang Shoot Out and the Dragon Sk8 series. Wabsono is committed to increasing the popularity of the "Boardsports" lifestyle in China