The “Rabbit” Returns

KICKER Presents the 15th Annual Toes on the Nose Rabbit Kekai Longboard Classic
Returning To Waikiki, Hawaii For 2nd Year

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.,(August 4, 2010) - KICKER presents the Toes on the Nose Rabbit Kekai Longboard Classic in celebration of its 15th year this summer from August 24 to 27, 2010 in Waikiki, Hawaii, the hometown of "Rabbit" himself.

After 13 years in Costa Rica, this epic international competition crossed the Pacific in 2009 to be held in Hawaii in honor of its namesake, Alb  ert "Rabbit" Kekai, one of the last living Beach Boys and an original member of the Outriggers Boys Club.  Of Kekai, who turns 90 this year, Richard Allred, Toes on the Nose President said "Rabbit is a god in Waikiki, and with an event surrounding the celebration of Rabbit and his legacy, what better place to hold it then his homeland."

"We're thrilled to take part in such a legendary event and the classic sport of surfing," said Roger Demaree Brand Manager Global Marketing of KICKER.  "Having our name alongside surfing legends Rabbit Kekai and Duke Kahanamoku is an honor for KICKER.  We look forward to another successful contest as this tradition continues."

In association with Duke's week-long 2010 Oceanfest series, the Rabbit Classic will also be celebrating the 120th birthday of Duke Kahanamoku, Hawaii's official "Ambassador of Aloha", Olympic gold medalist and long-time mentor of Rabbit Kekai.

The Rabbit Kekai Longboard Classic represents a gathering of the tribes, as it attracts traditional longboarders from across the globe; 15 countries were represented at last year's event.  The Rabbit Classic unites the surfers of today with the roots of surfing in recognition of two legendary surfing gurus:  Rabbit and the Duke.

Waikiki's Hotel Renew will be the official hotel for the Longboard Classic with specials rates featured as low as $119 (see for more information.)

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Photo: Rabbit Kekai

About Toes on the Nose:
Toes on the Nose, a surf apparel company dedicated to the history and soul of surfing,  offers a wide array of products including men's, women's, and children's swimwear and accessories.  Inspired by the art of nose riding, John Severson, the iconic surf artist and founder/publisher of Surfer magazine, coined the phrase and designed the logo "Toes on the Nose" for his Surfer Quarterly magazine back in 1961.  The logo was used for an editorial column entitled "Toes on the Nose" depicting the classic maneuver of the surfer's toes hanging off the edge of the surfboard.  With Surfer magazine's blessing, Toes on the Nose was established in 1992 in Laguna Beach, CA.  For more information, please visit <>

About Rabbit Kekai:
Rabbit Kekai rode his first wave in 1925. For more than 80 years the ocean has been his playground. After riding his first wave in 1925, Rabbit Kekai's domain became the ocean.  He is an idol and essential part of surfing's history.  Rabbit achieved international prestige in the newsreels of the 40's and 50's when the rest of the world was first introduced to men riding wooden planks in the waters of the Hawaiian islands.  At the ripe age of 90, Rabbit is still one of today's favorite international waterman.

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About Duke Kahanamoku:
Duke Kahanamoku is regarded as Hawaii's most outstanding athelete.  He won six Olympic medals in the years 1912 to 1932, including three gold medals in swimming. Duke was also the first person to be inducted into both the International Swimming Hall of Fame (1965) and the International Surfing Hall of Fame (1966).  A pioneer in surfing, Duke was instrumental in popularizing the sport across the world.  More recently, he was appointed as Hawaii's official "Ambassador of Aloha."

About ODKF:
Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping alive the spirit of the legend Duke Kahanamoku and supporting athletic and educational endeavors in the islands of Hawaii.