The Color Pink

Fanning and Wilson embrace pink for breast cancer at Quik Pro

Julian Wilson, keeping abreast of progressive surfing and social issues alike. Photo: Kenworthy

In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer, Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson will be sporting the color pink at the upcoming Quiksilver Pro at Snapper. Fanning will reportedly be wearing a pink variation of his signature Rip Curl trunks while Julian will be riding pink boards. The color pink has become symbolic for breast cancer awareness.

In 2008, Julian first rode a pink board at the Quik Pro to raise awareness for Australia's National Breast Cancer Foundation. Julian's mother successfully battled and beat the disease while Julian was a child. Following in Julian's steps, Mick will also be auctioning off the signature pink trunks he wears at the event to raise money for cancer research.

"I saw Julian doing it the last couple of years and thought it was a great idea. Also the women in my life, my wife, my mom, sister and nieces are so special so I would hate if it happened to them. So to raise money for research and care was a no brainer," said Mick.

With Fanning's support, Julian hopes that the surfers will influence young women to screen themselves for breast cancer, a disease that afflicts nearly a million people world wide every year. "I am so excited to have good friend, and also someone I look up to in Mick Fanning, jump on board and throw his support behind me and the National Breast Cancer Foundation," said Julian. "Together we are hoping to influence younger women and make them aware of the benefits from early detection of breast cancer while we also strive to raise as much money as possible to help find a cure."

Julian Wilson's mom with his pink Gold Coast quiver and Mick Fanning in his custom pink boardshorts.