(San Clemente, CA) — Noll Surfboards is pleased to announce a special event featuring the Fine Art Photography of Scotty Carter, whose extraordinary images of waves transcend any surf-related niche and rise to the level of pure art.

Please join us on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 6 p.m. at Noll Surfboards' Flagship Store in San Clemente for some amazing wave images, live music, Kalua pig sliders, wine and beer, door prizes, and friends!

Scotty will be showing 30 pieces of his fine art collection in our Gallery – stunning images printed on a variety of mediums, including 100% recyclable and reusable bamboo, metal, acrylic, and canvas. The effects are truly stunning.

The Noll Ohana (family) and friends are coming together to make this a very special (but casual) happening: We will have local reggae band Jah Mex and the Translators playing (starting at 8 p.m.), and we want to express our huge thanks to Primo for providing the cold beers, to Fifty Barrels Winery Group in Carlsbad and Ames Estates Winery in Northern California for the great wine, and to Hapa J's Restaurant for serving up the fabulous pupus!

A highlight of the evening will be a raffle with door prizes contributed by Scotty Carter, Noll Surfboards, and Billabong (XXL thanks, as always!) … plus, the first 25 people to arrive for the evening will receive a free poster, signed by Greg Noll and Scotty Carter!

Scotty Carter's Art
Scotty Carter has been in and around the ocean for most of his life. Time spent at the beach led to the discovery of a natural environmental process that magically forms unusually perfect waves. Scotty was so in awe of these waves that he spent the better part of the last 10 years documenting them with his camera. While his work is a labor of love, his job is by no means easy. In order for the wave to work, a number of hydrodynamic and atmospheric elements need to come together and work in harmony, making his collection of fine art wave images especially intriguing and rare. Only when sunlight, tide, swell direction and wave heights cooperate does this mysterious wave come to life. While he can't tell you how he does it, and his competitors are fishing around the surf industry for his secret recipe, Scotty is happy to be welcomed at Noll Surfboards to show us his life's passion at a very fitting location with strong roots in American surfing history and culture.

Statement by Scotty Carter Fine Art

"Recently, the Scotty Carter Fine Art team reached out to Noll Surfboards in San Clemente with the hope of creating a collaborative event. We felt like the nostalgia and history surrounding Noll Surfboards, as well as its appeal to ocean-minded people and surf culture, would make this a great location for an event. Jed, Candice and Steven are amazing and have treated the Scotty Carter Team like family, and we are excited to work with them to put on a nice event to conclude summer!"
We hope to see you all there!

Nolll Surfboards Flagship Store is located at
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San Clemente CA 92672
Visit us at: www.nollsurfboards.com