The Ultimate Wave Tahiti Star Kelly Slater Wins His 10th World Title!

The Ultimate Wave Tahiti star, Kelly Slater, on Saturday achieved one of the most incredible sporting feats ever by winning his 10th Association Of Surfing Professionals championship. Kelly’s recent championship makes him unquestionably the most dominant competitive surfer in the history of the sport. Winning 6 more world titles than the next winningest surfer Mark Richards (1979 – 1982), Kelly was the youngest surfer to ever win a world championship and is now the oldest to win a world championship. His career spans two decades, owning nearly every record there is to own in the sport, including an unparalleled 45 event wins!

You can catch Kelly in the most groundbreaking surf-related film to date, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti. The Ultimate Wave Tahiti is a unique look at the two very different lives of the undisputed king of surfing, and his close friend and Tahitian local Raimana Van Bastolaer, as they together explore the beautiful and wave-rich Tahitian Islands. Through stunning visuals, high impact action, groundbreaking graphics and cutting edge 2D and 3D IMAX film technology, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti is undoubtedly one of the most unique film experiences ever to hit the big screen! For theater listings, please visit for theater listings for an IMAX theater near you.