Tonight – Sea Of Darkness – Laguna Beach

Story of Gland, Indes Trader and surfing in the South Pacific

So far this film has won Best Documentary at New York Surf Festival, X-Dance Film Festival, California Surf Festival and Grand Jury Prize at the Yallingup Film Festival
Friday, Feb. 12 * Sea of Darkness By Michael Oblowitz’s dark tale of paradise and surfing in Indonesia

The story of how the popular surf spot Gland was started and the boat Indies Trader, which became the Quiksilver Crossing Boat. 1970’s Place: the Indonesian coast. For a small group of thrill-seekers, surfing was an addiction, an attitude, and way of life – one that sometimes was seen through the lens of psychedelics. In Sea of Darkness, a group of ragtag surfers coast from high tide to high risk led by a man shrouded in mystery of near-mythical proportions. As they balance their thirst for the perfect pipeline with the dangerous risk/reward of smuggling and other illicit items across the South Pacific.
With:Greg Noll, Bruce Raymond, Bob Mcknight, Jeff Hackman, Gerry Lopez, Peter McCabe, Jeff Chitty, Steve Spaulding, and Martin Daly

Laguna Beach Festival Of The Arts Grounds, Forum Theater
650 Laguna Canyon Road
as part of the Winter Documentary Series for Laguna Beach Film Society
Ocean Tales: True Stories of The Sea
7 pm * $15 at the door or to reserve a seat please call 949-494-5872 ex 201