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Vans presents The Ductumentary

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Vans is proud to present THE DUCTUMENTARY
Joel Tudor’s Vision To Preserve the Tradition of Surfing For Generations to Come.


Visit offthewall.tv/ductumentary to watch the film in its entirety plus view an exclusive gallery of photos from the past Duct Tape contests.

“If they are like everyone else then it really doesn’t serve any purpose... I need to have something that is inspiring, that kids come and see and get to pull their own little unique twist off of and create their own identity... For me that’s the whole goal of the contest. They’re inspiring for me and they’re inspiring other kids in the long run and that’s only going to create more people that make surfing that much better.” – Joel Tudor

Following a brief tour of coast to coast film screenings and over three years since the Vans Duct Tape Invitational contests began, Vans, along with Joel Tudor himself, are proud to announce the worldwide premiere of THE DUCTUMENTARY, streaming in its entirety on offthewall.tv/ductumentary today. Featuring archival footage from Joel Tudor’s prolific career to scenes from all around the world at the Vans Duct Tape Invitational, THE DUCTUMENTARY truly encapsulates the creative energy that’s become of modern longboarding today. Hear from a handful of Duct Tape competitors including surf icons Alex Knost, Ryan Burch, Tyler Warren and more plus watch as Joel Tudor unfolds his vision of the contest, including what inspired him to create the series, and the people that keep it alive.

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Join us this Thursday, Oct. 10, 6PM at Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach.

Film Synopsis: The Ductumentary paints the picture of professional surfer Joel Tudor and the humble beginnings that led him to the beach. The revealing documentary explores the multiple aspects of Joel's life as a competitive surfer including his numerous accomplishments in longboarding, his ultimate decision to leave competitive surfing behind and the vision that inspired him to create the unique Duct Tape contests. Three years into the Duct Tape contest series, Joel's ambition to emphasize the unique style and creativity of longboarding expression has set the stage for a new generation of the world's most progressive and stylish surfers.

The Ductumentary covers the past few years of the Duct Tape series, offering a glimpse into what has become a movement as much as it is a contest. Featuring Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Ryan Burch, Jared Mell and several others from around the globe, The Ductumentary is a quintessential view into one of surfing's most progressive and stylistic facets, capturing the now while opening the door to a bright future.

Watch it now on offthewall.tv/ductumentary!