Varial Surf Technology announced today the launch of their new e-commerce website (, giving consumers a platform to browse, build, and purchase USA-made Varial technology surfboards. Varial has partnered with some of the biggest shapers in the surfboard industry in this easy-to-use online platform. Beyond Varial's signature Varial Foam and Infused Glass products, consumers will be able to purchase surfboard accessories, Varial apparel, and Varial gift certificates.

Made from a proprietary aerospace formula, Varial Foam was first brought to consumers in 2013 as a lightweight and flexible surfboard core providing unparalleled strength and responsiveness. After establishing a worldwide sales footprint and realizing several WCT and WQS heat victories with Varial Foam, Varial launched its second major aerospace technology offering, Infused Glass, in 2017. The company's Infused Glass factory in Ventura, CA applies fiberglass to boards dry and then infuses the boards with resin under vacuum pressure. The result is featherweight, strong, and consistent glasswork with an eco-friendlier footprint due to ultra-low VOC output. "We're proud to say that the quality and technology performance in Varial Foam and Infused Glass surfboards is on par with any aerospace structure flying today," says Varial co-founder and CEO Edison Conner. Mr. Conner formerly worked as a composites manufacturing engineer for SpaceX.

Varial's new e-commerce website provides a 3-D viewer for each shape option and allows consumers the ability to purchase custom boards, stock boards, and Varial's new offering: foil boards. Website visitors can create online accounts, build and save an unlimited number of board designs, and come back to reference them at a later time.

In a world where surfboard production is increasingly moving to overseas factories, Varial is proud to say that Varial Foam and its Infused Glass surfboards are made 100% in the United States. The consumer can therefore expect the quality, customizability, and technology performance that comes along with premium, California-made surfboards.

Varial's virtual storefront offers shapes from eight of the top shapers in the surf world: Channel Islands, …Lost, Timmy Patterson, Surf Prescriptions, Chemistry, Roberts, Sharp Eye, and Xanadu. Consumers are able to personalize every detail of their board by selecting dimensions, glass layup, resin, fins, tail, carbon, and personalized art. From order date, surfboards are shipped within 4 – 6 weeks. However, faster-delivery rush boards are available upon request. Varial provides personalized and responsive customer service by phone or email for those who have questions during the shopping process.

"We focused on the user experience of entering our shop, learning about Varial technology, and interacting with the boards. We believe that e-commerce has a significant future in surfboard sales and we want to be at the forefront," according to co-founder and President Parker Borneman.

The new e-commerce website launch is an expansion of the brand's original website which will remain intact and continue providing fans with information on Varial's technologies, team riders, videos, and brand news.

"We're excited to take this step as a company and honored to partner with a very talented group of world-class surfboard shapers," said Mr. Conner. "The passionate following we've gained has established Varial as the leader in surfboard technology, and our new e-commerce platform makes that technology more accessible to surfers everywhere."

In addition to the surfboard customization on the new e-commerce site, it also offers surfboard accessories such as fins, leashes, and traction pads. Varial has introduced its own collection of branded apparel through the website which includes men's and women's tees, sweatshirts, and hats.

"Building an e-commerce platform, we understood early on the importance of having user-friendly functionality on the website itself," said Parker Borneman, Varial's President. "Once we began building, we quickly realized having a prompt and helpful support staff on the back-end was going to be vital to our long-term success. We're going into this launch feeling proud of our product and platform, and ready for the chapter ahead."

Visit the new Varial e-comm site and see what all the hype is about at Varial's homepage remains

To follow the #MaterialsRevolution live, you can find Varial at @varial_surf on Instagram.

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Varial Surf Technology was founded in 2005 in Santa Barbara, CA by two lifelong friends, Edison Conner and Parker Borneman. Frustrated with broken boards and the void of technological innovation, Varial Surf Technology was born.

Varial produces the world's first high-modulus foam cores intended for surfboard use. The rigidity of high modulus core eliminates the need for a stringer and makes boards 20% lighter, 25% stronger, and ultra-responsive relative to traditional surfboard forms. Varial Foam can be cut, shaped, and glassed just as any traditional PU or EPS core, and has a uniform density, which yields boards that are extremely repeatable. In 2017, Varial introduced Infused Glass to their product offering as another technology, which improves surfboard quality, consistency, and performance through innovation.

Varial Foam is American-made, and currently distributed to over 230 shapers and retailers globally. Varial's Infused Glass process is performed at its headquarters in Ventura, CA.