Vertra Interview With Torrey Meister

INTERVIEW: Torrey Meister's Vertra 5 @tmeister808

Torrey Meister grew up cutting his teeth on the waves of the Big Island in Hawaii. He calls Banyans his home break and works hard towards following in the foot steps of fellow B.I. surfing greats like Conan Hayes and Shane Dorian! Along with being a fierce competitor on the ASP Prime Series, Torrey is also gnarly in waves of consequence and heavy barreling slabs which compliment his tapped air game.

Torrey splits his Winter surf season living at Sunset Beach on Oahu's North Shore. But for the past few summers has moved to San Diego in California to be closer to the industry and make traveling to events more convenient. We asked Torrey what his upcoming plans are and he said "I leave for Brazil the end of May for a Prime then head to Cabo for a six star then Ballito for another Prime event! I'm just chasing the QS this year trying to get on tour!"

We wish Torrey the best on the road and invite you to learn more about him in his Vertra 5.

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1. 5 Influential People in your Life and Why?
1. Jesus Christ
For dying for me and making everything possible. He has blessed me even when I don't deserve it.I am a God fearing man.

2. My Parents
For their support and unconditional love.They have believed in me from the very beginning and they have dedicated there lives to making my dreams come true. I owe everything to them and I can't thank them enough. I hope I am just like them when I am a parent.

3. Shane Dorian
Has been a huge influence on me since I was a young kid. In my eyes he is the best surfer who has ever walked the planet. The crazy stuff he has been doing in huge surf lately is amazing and watching him rip the bag out of tiny banyans since I was a grom has always been inspiring. I don't think there has ever been a surfer as well rounded as him.

4. Ray Lewis
Im a huge cowboys fan. haha. My whole dads side of the family is from Texas so Im always rooting for them. So if the Ravens are ever against the Cowboys Im going for the cowboys 100%. With that being said Im a huge Ray Lewis fan! I watch a lot of his motivational videos and it gets me cycked. To see what he did in his football career amazes me and it keeps me on my toes to become the best I can be in my career. I was so pumped the Ravens won the Super bowl on Rays retiring year.

5. Andy Irons
A.I. Forever!!

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