Volcom Camps Out at Newport for VQS Event

Photo: Volcom/Kenny Morris

Photo: Volcom / Kenny Morris

You’ve got to hand it to the marketing/event department at Volcom, they refuse to scale anything back when they throw a VQS event. Keeping in stride with the theme-dominated antics that have become the face of the Totally Crustaceous Tour, the latest comp was centered around…wait for it…camping. Although we kind of hated camp in general—creepy counselors and all—spending a late-spring weekend with a handful of ramps and scantilly clad women at Newport seems like an appropriate way to relax.

Loaded with props and tchotchkes, the event took over 54th street and witnessed plenty of lofty airs and tweaks befitting Newps’ reputation. (Speaking of which, when did everyone get so damn good at those frontside air-reverese? Is there a grom around that doesn’t have those on lockdown?)

At the forefront of the camp stood Mitch Coleborn and Colin Moran who took home wins in their respective fields. Mitch, who we all know bleeds talent, looked right at home letting the fins fly at Newps. For his win, Coleborn pocketed 10 grand, a WaveRunner and a spot in 2011 Pipeline Pro. And Moran, who was quite literally right at home at Newport, turned his fair share of heads at the event as well and took home $5,000.