Volcom Collects More than 5000 Jeans for the Homeless

In November and December of 2009, Volcom partnered up with the National Coalition for the Homeless to help clothe the homeless with our Give Jeans A Chance program. 100 stores across North America put a donation bin in their stores to collect as many jeans as possible for the homeless in their hometown. More than 5000 pairs of jeans were collected and donated to 50 local homeless shelters across North America.
Coastal Edge, one of the participating stores in Virginia Beach, collected 253 pairs of jeans in their stores. All jeans were donated to local homeless shelters in Virginia Beach.

“People that are experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty need some basic things that we might take for granted, like a shower, a shave, or clean clothes. Having individuals and community groups like Volcom do what they have done, is huge, that’s how we live and that’s how we survive,” says Orlando Ward, Director of Program Services at The Midnight Mission.

More than a thousand pairs of jeans were collected in Florida alone. Around 40 bags of jeans were donated to three different family homeless shelters. All the people at the shelters were very excited and couldn’t believe how many jeans they received.

Volcom will give out a few prizes to some people who donated their jeans. The following winners (randomly
picked) will receive a Volcom Brand Jeans Prize Package:

-Kaila Lugo, donated at SBI Boardshop in Fresno, CA
-Lisa Bessolo, donated at Snocon in Seattle, WA
-Ben Etter, donated at Fat Trax in Longmeadow, MA
-Spencer Rosa, donated at K-5 in Encintas, CA
-Scott Otsuka, donated at Jacks in Corona Del Mar, CA
-Allyson Campos, donated at Mark-It in Tulsa, OK
-William Turner, donated at Project 58 in Raleigh, NC
-Jeff Rhodes, donated at Freedom Skate Shop in Ukiah, CA
-Darbi Howe, donated at Surfside in Costa Mesa, CA
-Fabian Pallares, donated at Laguna Surf and Sport in Aliso Viejo, CA
-Jesse McDougcell, donated at Talent in Burlington, VT
-Phil Reagan, donated at Volcom Store in Santa Barbara, CA
-Leslie Romines, donated at Sun Diego in Solana Beach, CA

We haven’t received all entry forms back yet, so 5 more winners will get announced soon.

The grand prize winner for a Years Supply of Volcom Brand Jeans is:
-Shaun Cote, donated at Top of the World in Ottawa, ON
All the participating stores did a great job to collect all the jeans. A few outstanding stores will receive a Volcom Brand Jeans Prize Package:
-Coastal Edge, Virginia Beach
-Talent Skatepark, Burlington VT
-Identity, Portsmouth, NH
-Laguna Surt and Sport, Aliso Viejo, CA
-Top of the World, Ottawa, ON
-Surfside, Costa Mesa, CA
-Volcom Store, Santa Barbara, CA
-Trend Cellar, McHenry, IL
-Volcom Store, Los Angeles, CA
-Eastern Boarder, Worcester, MA

Thanks to the National Coalition for the Homeless, all the participating stores and everyone who donated their jeans. You are responsible for clothing thousands of homeless people in need.

The next Volcom Give Jeans A Chance program will take place in August and September of 2010 and will roll out in more than 1000 doors around the world.

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Email: fgierman@volcom
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