With over the top antics, fun rippable waves, and crazy children running beach, it could only mean one thing – that's right, it’s time for the Butterfish Surf Series to kick off again. 3-5 foot peaks gracing the shores of Mandalay in Oxnard, combined with a fierce field of 130 competitors, made for a great day of Totally Crustaceous Surf Tour action!

The Squids division has become favorite amongst the little guys and the especially the spectators watching. These kids are always having the most fun in and out of the water. Claiming the victory in the Squids was mini charger Tommy McKeonuy as he managed to drop into a bomb from the outside peak and wrack up some huge scores. The Groms final was another exciting heat with a mix of competitive little dudes. 10-year-old Eithan Osborne was on a tear and found himself in solid second place at the end of the day. Winning the Groms division was Andy Hirata, he earned himself a sweet BMX bike, a heap of goodies and 1000 points for his efforts. The Girls final saw VQS standout Demi Boelsterli take the win in style. The Juniors final was a tight one for the $250 Muscle Milk award on the line. Taylor Curran and Sam Regan battled for the victory until the end with Sam just edging out Taylor for the win. In the Pro-Am final, Kellen Ellison had the $500 in sight with only a minutes left in the heat, but Matt McCabe's 9.0 ride in the closing moments would reward him with the win, a grip of goodies and $500.00 cash!

"I walked out of the water and the rest of the Pro-Am finalists were flipping me off and smiling, so i kind of figured I had swept the final!" says Matt McCabe after his 9.0 ride that earned him the win and $500. Photo: Courtesy of Volcom


1. Matt McCabe $500.00
2. Kellen Ellison
3. Adam Virs
4. Adam Lambert
5. Robert Curtis
6. Yves Bright

1. Sam Regan- $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Taylor Curran
3. Logan Rauhut
4. Mason Reepmaker
5. Will Laidlow
6. Ryan Croteau

1. Andy Hirata
2. Eithan Osborne
3. Kei Kobiyeshi
4. Mathew Awbry
5. Dryden Brown
6. Kane Page

1. Tommy McKeonuy
2. Ryder Alves
3. Sam Reichel
4. Dane Bright
5. Liam Osborne
6. Ethan Rutz

1. Demi Boelsterli
2. Frankie Harrer
3. Meah Collins
4. Billie Malkin
5. Victoria Burke
6. Shelby Sharp

Electric Volt Thrower
Antion Allan – $50.00