WaveJet launches First Miniaturized Water Jet Propulsion Drive for Surfboards, Stand-Up Paddle and Rescue Boards

Steve Walden, father of the modern Longboard, shapes WaveJet’s first series of boards to debut at Surf Expo, Orlando, FL., January 6-8, and Longboard House, Indialantic Beach demo day, January 9 at 11:00 AM.

Santee, CA., January 3, 2010 – WaveJet Technologies today announced that it will introduce its Walden WaveJet series of Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) Surfboards, SUPs and Water Rescue Boards at Surf Expo, Orlando, Florida, January 6-8.  Powered by the patented WaveJet PWP pod, surfing's first miniaturized jet drive technology, the boards make 8 to 10 knots on still water, which is 3 to 5 times faster than paddling.

"When I surf, I want to surf and catch as many waves as possible,” said Mike Railey, CEO of WaveJet.  "With a WaveJet, you may get exhausted, but it will be from surfing, not paddling.  "Surfers catch more waves; lifeguards reach swimmers and boats faster; and kayakers can cruise against strong current and wind. Said Railey, "It really allows you to break free from traditional limitations."

WaveJet will present a beach demo of the technology on Sunday, January 9, with Steve Walden from Walden Performance Surfboards and Longboard House, Indialantic, FL., 11:00AM EST at the Boardwalk on 5th Avenue/1-92 in Indialantic, FL.  All surfers are welcome.

"WaveJet’s propulsion drive will dramatically enhance when, where and how we surf due to conditions and location", said Steve Walden, President of Walden Surfboards.  "WaveJet’s PWP is really amazing, it is an assist system that allows you to catch more waves and get extra speed thru sections. It gives you the energy you need to paddle distances, catch more waves or just simply get back to the beach.  Think of PWP as a power pack for your ride."

WaveJet is powered by an integrated twin lithium ion battery pack capable of 20 pounds of thrust and a continuous run-time of over 30 minutes.

“Longboard House Surf Shop is a long time supporter of Steve Walden and Walden Surfboards," said Mike Mann, CEO, Longboard House Surf Shop. "Steve’s designs drive the industry – from his Magic Model in the 80’s to the 2010 Strato-flex model. Now, with this year’s Walden WaveJet Series, Steve is really on the cutting edge of board design, and we're stoked to be along for the ride.”

The WaveJet PWP pod is designed for use in an open variety of boards and personal watercraft from kayaks and kiteboards to small watercraft and scuba diving. WaveJet technology is a quiet, safe and green alternative to outboard motors and other external power sources.

About WaveJet
WaveJet is the first patented Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) system designed for use in a range of personal watercraft, including surfboards, SUPs, kayaks, rescue boards, kite boards, scuba gear, and light boats. Powered by an integrated twin-lithium ion battery pack with twin drives, WaveJet is capable of 20 pounds of thrust, has a continuous run-time of over 30 minutes, activated through a wireless wrist controller and recharges in a standard wall socket. At 3 to 5 times faster than paddling a sufboard, WaveJet is safe, quiet and light, and can even be used in shallow water where paddles and oars are ineffective and outboards can’t be used at all.

About Walden Surfboards
Steve Walden, master shaper and craftsman has been building and perfecting longboards for over 45 years. Walden is recognized as the “Father of the modern longboard”, the first to bring longboards back in the era of shortboards,  it is estimated that Steve has hand shaped well over 25,000 boards. Steve Walden is know as an innovator in both his designs and materials, Walden was one of the first to embrace alternative technologies and is always on the cutting edge of modern design. Walden has experimented with square outlines, metal stringers, wing fins, epoxy before it was mainstream, and even designing an entire line of boards just for women – a radical idea to most at the time.  Today Walden Surfboards is a global brand in over 20 countries.

Walden Surfboards offices, shaping and retail store is located in Ventura, CA.


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