WiLDCoast Nominated for Charity of the Year

WiLDCOAST is nominated for Charity of the Year for the 1st Annual Classy Awards, to be Held on November 14th at San Diego’s U.S. Grant Hotel.

Support WiLDCOAST ‘s efforts to protect our coast and ocean by clicking on the link and voting at:


The San Diego based conservation team is recognized for its outstanding efforts in coastal protection. The WiLDCOAST team was recently featured in the October issue of Surfer Magazine for its efforts to conserve more than 20 miles of pristine coastline in Baja California and has made a significant contribution to reducing beach closures along the U.S.-Mexico Border.

The Stay Classy Foundation is recognizing members and organizations that are taking action in improving the San Diego Community.

This is one of a recent string of awards for the coastal protection non-profit. In September, WiLDCOAST Executive Director Serge Dedina received the Coastal Hero award from the California Coastal Commission. Last January he was awarded the San Diego Zoological Society’s Conservation Medal.

WiLDCOAST is a proud recipient of a grant from the SIMA Environmental Fund to help carry out its coastal protection work.