The World Skin Cancer Foundation, Ocean Potion Sun Care Products, and Bright House Networks is preparing for its 4thAnnual Fall Classic. The Fall Classic begins with the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) National Surfing Championships. This two-day event takes place October 31st and November 1st all day behind Coconuts on Beach in Cocoa Beach, FL.

The World Skin Cancer Foundation’s Slater Brother’s Invitational surf contest is scheduled for November 6th through the 8th, also behind Coconut’s on the Beach in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Come out and watch a talented field of world-class surfers including C.J. and Damien Hobgood, Rob Machado, Shea Lopez and 9-time ASP World Champion, Kelly Slater.

The WSCF’s Slater Brother’s Invitational is proud to announce their newest hometown hero, world-renowned skateboarder, Adam Taylor, will be joining the mix. Watch Adam and other skateboarding pros tear it up on the mini-vert ramp situated right on the beach.

The weekend of parties kicks-off Thursday, November 5th, at Rusty’s at the Port with a street party including live music. Enjoy the contest the next morning, but be ready to have a good time Friday night when the Bon Fire party heats up at Coconut’s on the Beach with the great music of national recording artist, G-Love. Saturday will be another day of world-class surfing and skateboarding, but Saturday night belongs to the Pirates Ball Costume Party and Silent Auction at Coconut’s on the Beach. All types of costumes are welcome.

On Saturday, November 7th, dermatologists will be providing FREE SKIN CANCER SCREENINGS inside of Coconuts on the Beach. All of our past screenings have been extremely successful and many lives have been saved.

The surfing and skateboarding events will be streaming live through a Webcast provided by

“It’s great to be able to create outdoor events like these for people to enjoy while raising awareness and increase education on the deadly disease of skin cancer. We don’t want people to stop enjoying the outdoors, we want them to understand how to take precautions to help minimize the dangerous effects of UV light,” commented Drew Filliben, President of the World Skin Cancer Foundation.

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About The World Skin Cancer Foundation
Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed human cancer and has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and around the world. The proven cause of more than 90% of skin cancers is unprotected exposure to UV light from the sun and artificial sources. Although the issue of the sun protection has been cited as an important health priority by major health organizations, insufficient attention is given to the subject in public health education.

The World Skin Cancer Foundation is a not for profit group which was founded in Cocoa Beach, Florida, to educate the public regarding the detrimental effects of unprotected sun exposure. Outdoor activities are increasingly popular and contribute to healthy lifestyles and the prevention of disease. To most effectively reduce long-term sun damage to the skin while enjoying these pursuits, healthy habits of sun protection need to be established at a young age and continued throughout life. Therefore, the WSCF targets individuals who will most benefit from this message -individuals with outdoor lifestyles and children. While the focus is on these groups, this important information will also reach the general public and profit the community as a whole.
The World Skin Cancer Foundation message will emphasize SAFER sun enjoyment and focus on teaching about strategies and tools to allow beneficial outdoor activities in moderation with sun protection. Through sponsored sporting activities such as sponsored surf contests and skateboard exhibitions, sun protective practices will be demonstrated and emphasized. Media ads, public service announcements, public speaking engagements and presence at festivals and gatherings will be used to disseminate sunscreen samples and sun wise information. Free skin cancer screenings will be offered as a public service and to provide those without access to medical care an opportunity to be examined and educated. Finally, through promoting the incorporation of UV awareness education into school curriculums and programs, an effort will be made to inform the youth about sun damage and change cultural views of sun exposure and tanning.

As studies have demonstrated, such educational techniques are beneficial and effective in changing personal practices and health attitudes. The World Skin Cancer Foundation is committed to effecting such valuable changes in Brevard County, the United States, and communities around the world.