Xanadu Launches Brand New Website

To celebrate the new decade, Xanadu Surf Designs has Re- launched its website at WWW.XANADUSURFDESIGNS.COM Complete with new content, new information, new board models, and new videos this website gets you amped! It is highly informational and communicates to the consumer what the Xanadu brand and its products are all about. As always, we continue to develop new designs and have continued to refine the surfboards that we know work.

We are hoping that the new website will foster a greater community of loyal Xanadu board riders enhancing everyone’s experience in the water by providing them with the best surf boards possible. Adding to the lineup of already popular models like the Pig 2 and the high performance X- series we have several new boards for 2010. Look for the Xank, the Xienz, the Nyda, the Hobyo, the Ninja, and the XXX as they have recently been released.

These boards all reflect the trend that shorter and more compact boards are better for most surfers depending on the conditions. Some of the new models reflect the need for a shorter, very high performance board like the Xank, while other new models in the line such as the Hobyo, blend some old school retro lines with new school twists. What we continually strive for is to provide a board that is progressive for whoever is riding it.

As always, Xanadu continues to design for the future and is always looking at what is going to happen next. The website is a great way to get feedback from all over the globe and a great way to let surfers from all continents know what our boards are all about. We will continue to build and distribute boards on the Mainland, in Hawaii, South America, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

To find out more on what we have been doing along with some of the guys on our team like Tonino Benson, Brian Conley, Hans Hagan, Matt Rockhold, Koa Smith, and Tanner Hendrickson, visit us at WWW.XANADUSURFDESIGNS.COM!