YSF10 Announces Long-Awaited Panelist Film Picks

The Yallingup Surfilm Festival is proud to announce the long awaited summer of 2010 screening lineup. With 12 screenings in all, films from around the world are making their way to YSF10 for World Premieres, World Festival Premieres and Australian Premieres.
Held in Yallingup, WA January 22-24, from a cast of international film submissions and honored panelists of the surfing world, this event is one to set the bar for the evolution of surf films.

This year, the first inaugural YSF has received an influx of films stemming from stories at the core essence of surf culture. From Mexico to Bangladesh, Peru to California, Australia to Indonesia, the lineup invites a journey to the heart of the phenomenon that is global surf culture.

YSF10 was created with the aim to explore surf culture and experience the influence it has in individual lives as well as in the wider world of surfing. Renowned for their contribution to surf Culture, YSF10 has been privileged to have Albe Falzon, Dr Dave Jenkins, Time Baker, Drew Kampion, Damon Eastaugh, John Malloy, Rick Jakovich & Tim Baker as dedicated panelists.

This year YSF10 will be screening 9 films at Madfish Wines, Friday the 22nd- Sunday the 24th starting at 6 pm. Due to an overwhelming amount of extraordinary films there will be two screenings at Samudra Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of January starting at noon and 2:30.

Surf filmmaking has been approached from many different angles and YSF is an event dedicated to delivering the soul aspect that encompasses a surfer’s approach to life. For full film synopsis and trailers please go to yallingupsurfilm.com.

(In program Order)

Tom’s Creation Plantation
A surf movie that takes us to QLD where renowned alaia shaper Tom Wegner demonstrates the fine details in building the ancient (and environmentally sound) surfboard.

The life and Films of Albe Falzon
A memoir style biographical documentary as Alby Falzon tells the story of his life and films, including one of the greatest surf films ever made – Morning of the Earth (1972).

Searching for Michael Peterson
Michael Peterson ruled the surf scene throughout the early to mid-1970s with his savage, groundbreaking surfing. This film is an intoxicating and addictive tale for anyone who has ever felt like a fish out of water.

Sea Of Darkness
A documentary about a group of surfers who take on drug smuggling gigs to bankroll their surfing addiction. Though it’s a tale almost too wild for fiction, SOD recaptures the life and attitude of this wild '70s surfing culture.

Hanging Five
Hanging Five follows five talented surfers/artists and looks at how the surf culture supports and promotes the arts.

Gum For My Boat
A story of hope focused on the Bangladesh Surf Club and its members. An ocean that was once deemed off limits due to fear and a very conservative Islamic culture is now becoming source of fun, escape and even a chance for a way to make a living.

Jesse’s Story
A tale of young man who in a tragic surfing accident at the age of 17 severed his spinal cord, and now lives life as quadriplegic. With the help of nine-time World Champion, Kelly Slater, and Hurley team member, Rob Machado, Jesse devised a way to get back where he belonged: in the water.

Constantly troubled by social unrest and poverty Peru is an emerging Third World country that is in dire need of role models. Unbeknown to Sofia, she would become one of the biggest role models in Peruvian history, simply by doing what she loves, surfing.

The Drifter
Rob Machado is looking for life’s deeper meaning. That surf trip ends up taking him on a soul-searching journey where he eventually finds himself in Indonesia’s outermost reaches with nothing but a surfboard, his journal and a tent.

Aloha Uruguaii
A documentary about two surf legends from the 1970s in Uruguay. This is a story which sends out a message of respect, joy and sharing with Mother nature.

Somewhere Near Tapachula
A truly inspiring story of love, life and hope set in Mexico, this documentary looks at the horrific childhoods of 45 kids, their new life at Mision Mexico, and the exciting future of following their dreams.

Musica Surfica
This film explores a collision between classical music and experimental surfing. Violin virtuoso and surfer Richard Tognetti, of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, with his friend, surfing provocateur Derek Hynd, asked a diverse group of surfers to join them on remote King Island at the edge of the Southern Ocean, to surf … without fins.