YSF10 Explores Beyond Surf Films

YSF10 is almost upon us! This coming weekend, Yallingup, the birthplace of surf in WA, will be transformed into a gathering of all that this Surf Culture. Filmmakers, Musicians and visual artists honored to have their involvement in the event are congregating in this remote region to celebrate a lifestyle stemming from oceanic influence. We invite you to be part of the first inaugural YSF event and hope to share with you the passion of global surf culture and the eccentricities it proudly spawns!

The event includes screenings Sat & Sun at the Yallingup Hall & Samudra, with the main festival taking place under the stars at Madfish Winery. While the films are the focus of the festival, YSF aims to explore surf culture at its core, and with that we will delve deep to experience soulful musicians, an artist with a passion for mankind’s respect to the underwater world, a historical surf culture exhibition promising to take you back in time, as well as a filmmakers forum and surf culture forum with special guests!
Milton Brown:
Milton Brown is a surfer/musician/school teacher who has been enjoying all the ocean’s waves have to offer for over 40 years. Having combined lifetime recreational activities to contribute to social and artistic approaches to life, Milton has not only introduced the love of surfing to young minds, but also the global approach to community and awareness. He joins YSF10 to bless us with his musical genius that is chilled out guitar strumming, and also to introduce his labor of love, SurfAid International’s Schools Program.

Milton’s has culminated musical contributions to Steve Cooney’s Ulu32, Andrew Kidman’s Glasslove, Jack McCoys Free as a Dog and Believe by Mick Waters. He also played on “The Spaces in Between” and “GlassLove” by Andrew Kidman and “Find” by Pico and has toured with both these artists. We are excited and thrilled to have him performing his original songs and some personal favourites at YSF.
Red was brought up on a farm 2 km from Bells Beach, amongst family, artists, friends, surfers and farm animals. Doing gigs and selling CDs at night, surfing through the day and feeding up on the home garden, Red seems to have stumbled across longevity in his work and play.

He has many releases under his belt with his bands include Surfusion, Squid and Lionel Lee’s Curse and has a long solo career. Red will be performing his solo material at YSF showcasing his strong celtic blues stomp box energy combined with a lighter chilled psychedelic ambience.
This year at YSF10 Karlee Anne Louise Mackie, K.A.L.M., will join in oceanic exploration as YSF10’s featured artist by creating art pieces representing her insight to the underwater world. In celebration of 10 years of SurfAid, various mixed media canvases painted at the event and will be auction off in support of the phenomenal work SAI has contributed over the last decade.

A sponsored free-surfer, free-spirit and eclectic artist with an endless source of inspiration to draw from, Karlee follows the ocean as her muse. Her approach to mixed media canvases creates elevating, unique artworks seeping of life and soul.

Karlee is no stranger to the camera as she had her fair share of involvement in many surf movies such as AKA: Girl Surfer, Fashion, You Remind Me of Me, Save the Big Fat Whales, and Gone Mentawais. She has also been one of the gorgeous faces to have hosted MTV sports.

Her life growing up has always been heavily influenced by the beach and carefree lifestyle. With the support of her sponsors Rusty, Electric, Aerial 7, and Surf Dive and Ski, Karlee has been able to explore the side of herself that developed her artistic talent promotes “becoming more conscious of how we can all join in on helping contribute to our world in so many different ways”.

Please join us in celebration and exploration of the surfer’s approach to life!
January 22-24 2010