ZEAL Optics Welcomes Cold Water Surfer Pete Devries to the Team

Photo: Courtesy of ZEAL Optics

September 18, 2012 - Boulder, Co. - ZEAL Optics is proud to call Canadian surfer Pete Devries part of the ZEAL pro team. Born and raised in Tofino, British Columbia, Pete started surfing at the age of seven when his dad first pushed him ontowaves in front of their home. He recently won the Coldwater Classic in his hometown, showing the world what he is capable of. Pete has graced the cover of Surfer and has been featured in Innersection films by Taylor Steele for the past two years. Check Pete out in the latest Innersection at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-rWlvxyjTs&feature=youtu.be.

"ZEAL is stoked to have Pete as part of the family," said director of marketing Joe Prebich. "He is an unstoppable surfer, not even the frigid waters of BC hold him up. His passion for his sport and lifestyle fit perfectly into the ZEAL brand."

When not in the surf, Pete enjoys tennis, basketball and backpacking with his friends and family. He is currently working on building a house right across from one of his favorite home breaks, so that his commute to the waves will end up being less than a two-minute walk down the beach.

Photo: Courtesy of ZEAL Optics

"I’m excited to be part of a team that is creative and passionate in what they do," said Pete. "Products are only as good as the people behind them and the team at ZEAL is full of great people creating great products!"

About ZEAL Optics:
ZEAL Optics is based in Boulder, Colorado and known for revolutionary advances in performance eyewear. ZEAL’s passion is creating some of the world’s best performing sunglasses and goggles for those that enjoy an active lifestyle.Located in the mountains, ZEAL is built for beach living, mountain fun and every kind of active adventure in between. Every ZEAL sunglass frame is made from Z-Resin, a plant-based resin made from castor bean oil instead of crude oil, making the entire line of eyewear eco-friendly. Stay tuned to ZEAL Optic’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/zealoptics for more updates.