Offshore Drilling Standards Meant to Protect the Oceans Are Going Bye-Bye

Oil Drilling Regulations Rolled Back

Remember the Deepwater Horizon oil spill? You may not, since most of us have the attention span of gnats and if it isn’t buzzing on our phones right this instant it doesn’t exist, but here’s a refresher. In April, 201[...]

What’s Wrong With California?

What’s Wrong With California?

As Michael Ciaramella helpfully pointed out last week over on Stab, a male Californian hasn't won a World Tour event in 10 years, when Bobby Martinez earned his second Teahupoo crown. This is consternating enough on its own, by why s[...]

The Big, Giant, Missing Ingredient in Wavepools

What's Missing from Wavepools?

Today, it’s very windy. I’m watching whitecaps toss and churn beneath the Golden Gate Bridge from my desk. It’s not a surf day, but I’ll probably head down to a little cove near my house for a paddle, just the s[...]

There Will Be Sharks

There Will be Sharks

It’s awfully hard to fault the Ziffs—owners of the WSL and, presumably, still the org’s pennybank—and the rest of the WSL brass for canceling the Margaret River Pro. In the heat of the moment as surfers were bei[...]

I Dream Of An Interesting 2017 WCT

I Dream Of An Interesting 2017 WCT

The 2017 WCT kicks off this week with SO MANY QUESTIONS: Will Facebook save pro surfing? Will Fanning or Slater win agai….yawn, sorry, fell asleep just thinking about that possibility Who’s in charge of the WSL now anyway, [...]