Most of the residual hype from the final day at the Rip Curl Pro surrounds the Round 5 heat between Julian Wilson and Jordy Smith. Needing a 9.97 to beat Julian (who’d just dropped a solid 9.13), Jordy took off on a wave with 40 seconds to go and surfed it as perfectly as many imagined he could have. The panel was split. Three judges gave him a 10 and the other two did not. It came in at a 9.93, and Julian won the heat. Have a look for yourself:

CLICK PLAY: Was it a 9.93?

From Sean Doherty’s Final Day Recap:

“With 40 seconds left Jordy took off needing a 9.97, a miracle, but as he took off you felt in your bones that he just might go and get it. The cage door swung open and off he ran.”

“No wave will be ridden better this year. It was platinum. It was beautiful and barbaric and it was a 10…except that it wasn't. The look on Jordy's face as he climbed the stairs said it all. It may have been the only time in surfing history anyone has surfed a wave and expected a 10 to drop, but when the beach announcers read out that he'd scored a mere 9.93, a derisive smile swept his face and he walked up to take his medicine. For the second year running a contest that was his suddenly wasn't. The rest of the draw breathed a sigh of relief, while the contest site buzzed with talk about how Jordy had been robbed. I quizzed six past Bells winners' opinions on the subject and their reactions ranged from, "He clearly should have won" to "It's bullshit." Jordy took his chops and leaves Bells with a moral victory, if not an actual one.”

And some more opinions:

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