Showcase: Chris Klopf

Five Decades of Chris Klopf's Photos

There aren't many surf photographers with a portfolio that includes imagery of both Mark Richards and CJ Nelson. Then again, there also aren't many surf photographers who have had careers that span the better part of five decades&mdash[...]

The Descendent: The Noa Deane Interview

The Descendent: The Noa Deane Interview

"The world is so f–king weird right now," Noa Deane tells me over the phone from Australia, where he's slept in past our original interview time, but is ready to wax philosophical now that the coffee is kicking in. He's right abo[...]

Behind the Photo: Slater’s Pipeline Speed Blur

Slater & Pipe Pose for Rookie Photog

Pipeline’s earthquaking waves are like the Pied Piper’s flute for surf photographers. The bone-crushing sound of the raw ocean energy pounding the reef calls to all surf photogs to emerge from the tropical woodwork, plant t[...]