The signs of a late-season North arrived in Central Mexico just in time for Billy Kemper, Luke Davis, Danny Fuller, and Parker Cohn. They organized their trip to cross paths with the swell, but after surfing fun Southern juice for 48 hours, the group began to think they were a day too late for the N, ready to count their losses as they planned to travel back home (To see the full gallery, click here). But in the last 24 hours, a kick of North swell finally decided to show, giving photographer Ryan “Chachi” Craig the window to shoot a barrel-starved crew on a black-sand buffet as they traded spitting beachbreak tubes for the rest of their trip. We asked Chachi for some backstory behind one of his favorite shots — one of Luke Davis stylishly set inside a glowing Mexi-drainer.

Fresh off the plane and right into some barrels is the perfect way to start any visit to Mexico. This trip came together with the prospect of some early-season north swells, but lingering south swell was the only energy showing during our first morning of surf. Although the sandbars were well defined, the rips and shiftiness around the peaks were greater than normal, and it wasn’t as straightforward to line up the right waves. As much as I enjoy the perfectly front-lit, green barrel shots of Mexico, they can be a bit misleading. More often than not, the water is foamy – green mixed with brown from all the rip current, and things aren’t nearly as pretty as the shots you see in magazines. I guess that’s why I really like this shot: it’s a lot more representative of most Mexico beachbreaks.