B&W Challenge: Bryce Lowe-White

Five days of gray with @bryce_lowe_white

It only made sense that Grant Ellis (@grantellis1) would nominate his loyal assistant to showcase some amazing work of his own in the #BWchallenge. Here we have the work of SURFER Assistant Photo Editor Bryce Lowe-White (@bryce_lowe_white), all part of the latest insta-craze. Enjoy.

DAY 1: “Grant Ellis challenged me to post five days of black/white images. He is one of the most naturally talented photographers I know and has taught me a lot over the years I’ve worked as his assistant.”

DAY 2: “Dusty Payne, 2011, quick trip to Barbados. Did you see that final yesterday!? Dusty Payne is on fire.”

DAY 3: “Day 3: Conor Beatty in the home zone.”

DAY 4: “Got this one hung up in my living room. It always reminds me of how dedicated surfers in Hawaii are. They anticipate a huge swell to arrive overnight and are ready to paddle out at first light, straight into macking barrels.”

DAY 5: Jack has a heart of gold and you understand why when you visit where he grew up in Margaret River, WA. Unreal waves and scenery. Here he is at the edge of the river that literally doubles as his backyard. Jack told me sometimes he jumps in from here and paddles down river where it leads directly out to The Box.”