Yesterday saw quite the epic session at Portugal’s big-wave mutant Nazaré. Photographer Pedro Miranda explains:

“The session was really intense. The conditions were a bit messy, with onshore winds and the swell coming a bit more North, instead of the predicted Northwest. The wave formation wasn’t perfect, with a lot of mutant waves, making that lineup even more weird and unpredictable than usual. It was gnarly and potentially lethal. You had that strange feeling that someone could get seriously hurt or worse, at any moment... It was high tension til’ everybody was out of the water.

The man of the day was Francisco Porcella (pictured), who in my opinion got the biggest wave of the season, on a very critical ride, probably one of the biggest waves I've ever watched. Lucas Chumbo and Pedro Scooby got some massive bombs as well. In the water, there was also Jamie Mitchell, Sebastian Steudtner, David Langer, Pato Teixeira, Alemão de Maresias, Rodrigo Koxa, Hugo Vau, and many of the boys.

One thing I'm sure about the day is: the biggest waves of the session weren't even ridden…”