A few months ago, photographer Duncan Macfarlane organized an Indonesian boat trip and invited an assorted mix of characters — competitor Jack Freestone, West Oz slab-hunter Jay Davies, ride-anything stylemaster Tyler Warren and above-the-lip wizards Mitch Coleborn and Ryan Callinan—to join him for a week of barrel-and-ramp-filled bliss.

"Variety is the spice of life," says Macfarlane of the crew's diverse takes on high-performance surfing. As you'll see in the following pages, Macfarlane brought a pen, a journal and a printer on the boat to document the trip in real-time. "We've all traveled for years together and all get along so well and are all interested in what each other is doing. Ryan [Callinan] is one of the best high-performance surfers in the world, but all he wanted to do was surf unusual boards that trip–including one Tyler [Warren] shaped for him."

The future is looking bright for a generation of surfers no longer content with sticking to a certain type of equipment or a certain approach to tearing up a glassy Indo wall. "There were an infinite variety of interests, hobbies and opinions among these dudes," says Macfarlane, "but they all coexist regardless of any niche it might seem like they're in." All photos and artwork by Duncan Macfarlane

(Above) A hand-designed page taken from Macfarlan’s journal. Jay Davies, leaving the lip at blurring speed.

(Above, left) Davies and Ryan Callinan, splitting the peak on the wave of the day.

(Above, right) Davies with a clean take on a slob grab.

(Above, bottom) Cards and beer are the time-passing essentials between sessions on a boat. From left to right: Coleborn, Davies, Callinan and Jack Freestone.

(Above) For shapers like Warren, there can be no better way to test designs than in an Indonesian line-up. Suffice to say, this one’s no dud.

(Above, left) Jack Freestone, inverting his perspective deep in the Indonesian wild.

(Above, right) Callinan on a 5’8″, quad-fin “Diamond Dream” shaped by fellow boat mate Tyler Warren.

(Above) The many faces of Ryan Callinan.

(Above, top left) Warren, enjoying a moment of clarity in the maw of a shallow reef pass.

(Above, bottom) Davies, putting the pedal through the floor.

(Above, opposite) Coleborn, letting loose at Lance’s Right.

(Above, left) Ryan Callinan, now in Technicolor

(Above, right) Davies, feeling his way through a golden-hour cavern.

This gallery was published in SURFER Magazine, Volume 59, Issue 4. Subscribe here.