Perfect Day: Papua New Guinea

Behind The Photo: A Perfect Day in PNG

In contrast to overly congested surf destinations like Bali or Hawaii, Papua New Guinea (PNG) still remains relatively uncrowded. Waves like the one pictured here -- empty and delightfully hollow -- aren't a rare sight along the countr[...]

Photo Blog: Farewell, Maria

Behind The Photos: Farewell, Maria

Over the weekend, New York’s subway system saw a pass-by of its sea level upgrade, as NY State surfers, and those further north in the New England area, paddled out for the last trace of swell from Hurricane Maria. Winds were off[...]

Perfect Day: Sumba, Indonesia

Behind The Photo: A wave for the 1%

While many Indonesian lineups are swarming with visiting surfers, this wave in Sumba, commonly referred to as Nihiwatu or Occy's Left, has remained relatively uncrowded throughout the years. Thanks to the exclusive resort that fronts t[...]