Better conditions are still ahead for Oaxaca’s beachbreak namesake, and damn if they haven’t been worth crossing the border for already. Puerto Escondido’s run of south last week had surfers and forecasters readying for a potential green light of the BWWT contest. Even though the swell wasn’t big enough to earn the call, Puerto’s aces still got slotted off their rockers as they prep for a bigger, stronger SSW to move in later this week. Photographer Edwin Morales, who’s followed all the action from the sand, gave us a recap on the recent pulse of swell, and what we might see in a few days.

“It’s been such a weird season so far. This has been the year with the most straight south 180°-190° swells since I can remember. Normally, they are combined with some 200°-220° more westerly swells. Direction-wise, this could have been the best year in terms of swell perfection. Unfortunately, lots of local storms messed up the conditions until this last swell, when all the elements came together and we were greeted by an amazing swell with epic conditions.

Coco Nogales. Photo: Morales

“It was about 10-15-foot A-frames up and down the beach, and pretty much everyone was getting barreled. [Coco] Nogales, [Oscar] Moncada, [Alvaro] Malpartida and [Nahuel] Amalfitano were clearly the standouts, getting more tube time than any other guys. It was a great warm-up swell for what’s coming next. Looks like the biggest swells of the year are about to light up Puerto once again with three massive storms back to back.”

[Featured Image: Puerto Escondido. Photo by Morales]

Jafet Ramos. Photo: Morales